Environmental objectives

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“Environmental guidelines reflect the firm beliefs and objectives of management with regard to operational environmental protection. They thus represent part of the company’s overall objectives. As a matter of principle, the environmental guidelines usually relate to the protection and nurturing of natural resources, the promotion of sustainable activities and the act of anchoring environmental protection within the thoughts and actions of all employees.”

We are thus obligated to respect the environment, assume responsibility for it, conserve resources and avoid environmental pollution. The environmental guidelines underline our commitment to active environmental protection. They apply to all the activities of Spindel- und Lagerungstechnik Fraureuth GmbH, as well as every single employee.



1. Spindel- und Lagerungstechnik Fraureuth GmbH emphatically owns up to its responsibility for the environment. We want to be environmentally friendly in all areas of operations. The environmental pollution caused by the operations of our production equipment should always be minimized when possible.

2. The focus is not on the product associated with the highest degree of manufacturing feasibility; instead, it is on the competitive and high-quality product that go hand in hand with the smallest environmental footprint. We believe our task is to produce our products in a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

3. At Spindel- und Lagerungstechnik Fraureuth GmbH, environmental protection is related to all economic activity, all development and manufacturing of products, workflows and the company’s social responsibility. Accordingly, the selection of environmentally friendly procedures - in all phases ranging from the manufacturing of raw materials and the production operation to the service life and the recycling and disposal operations that follow the end of the service life - is nothing less than our prime directive.

4. All our activities are based on the guiding principle that encourages us to use a continuous improvement process to avoid or minimize environmental pollution - This goes above and beyond the relevant legal regulations. If possible, waste materials are avoided altogether and are always recycled.

5. Every employee of Spindel- und Lagerungstechnik Fraureuth GmbH who holds a position of responsibility always complies with the environmental protection laws.

6. Responsibility for environmental protection is a matter that pertains to every single employee working for the company. A special task of the managers is to create the respective prerequisites in order to ensure that human safety and environmental protection are considered for all systems and facilities. This includes the regular maintenance of machines and systems, the prompt rectification and the monitoring of the effectiveness of environmental protection measures.

7. Transparency and open communications make it easier for the company to appeal to the environmental awareness and understanding of employees as well as clients.