Spindle service

All around support thanks to SLF full solutions

80 years of tradition at the Fraureuth location in roller bearing and component manufacturing and almost three decades of experience in providing a comprehensive range of spindle bearings and spindle units produced in-house provide the solid foundation for the services we offer.

SLF spindle services extend a comprehensive range of complex spindle unit solutions comprising up- and downstream services, both for our own and other manufacturers’ products.
This service package includes the analysis, wear and damage estimation, and repair of spindle units made by almost every other manufacturer as well.

Engineering support

  • In-depth experience is needed to design and dimension machining systems adequately. We offer support based on your performance requirements in selecting suitable spindle systems and appropriate attachments, such as tools, motors, sensors, cooling systems, lubrication, connections, etc.

Analyse & Bewertung

  • In an incoming spindle inspection, we examine the spindle units to determine the extent of impairment or wear. For this purpose, we implement various testing methods, such as metrological bearing inspection, sound analysis, lubricant analysis, check of rated parameters (prestress, etc.).
  • In the next step, we disassemble the spindle to the extent necessary. Our experts estimate the repair costs expected, including optimization measures needed to prevent future failures and damages under the conditions of the intended use.
  • The cost estimate will include information about the damage, the amount of work required, the spare part and repair/ overhaul costs, and the expected time to completion.


  • Once you place the repair order with us, we will provide the components and parts required and start the repair work.
  • Our comprehensive machining equipment and capacities allow us to perform the necessary work quickly.
  • Through numerous tests and inspection runs, we make sure that the function of the spindle units can be guaranteed.
  • We completely overhaul spindles; upon request, we can also repair single components – down to the individual manufacturing step – in a customized manner.

Machining technologies we support

  • Turning up to 520 mm outer diameter and 2,700 mm part length
  • External cylindrical grinding up to 515 mm outer diameter and 1,900 mm length (maximum part mass 1,000kg)
  • Internal cylindrical grinding of holes, diameter range from 4 to 400 mm
    • under appropriate conditions, down to 500mm depth
    • for clamping/ tension by steady rest: parts of maximum 400kg (mass)
    • for clamping in a chuck: parts of maximum 1,000kg (mass)
    • outer part dimensions: up to 500 mm outer diameter and 1,500 mm length
    • individual solutions upon request
  • Thread grinding of shafts up to 235mm outer diameter and 1,200 mm length
  • Milling, drilling, thread cutting (conventional procedures and with CNC)
  • Balancing: up to 1,000 mm diameter and 2,300 mm length (maximal mass: 200 kg)
  • Laser marking/engraving with laser: in the range of approximately 200x200x170 mm (length x width x height). Given appropriate part proportions and structure, the dimensions may also exceed these limits.

Functional and stress test

  • In the final step, all spindle systems must pass a comprehensive quality inspection on our test stands and devices.
  • The data are recorded in a test document that is part of the delivery documentation.

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