Ranges of Application

Many uses across industries

Our products in international use

In Fraureuth, near Zwickau, SLF produces roller bearings and spindle units for customers and a wide range of industry partners in more than 40 countries worldwide.
Our products made in Germany prove their worth every day in comprehensive ranges of application, where they meet ever more stringent requirements and offer the highest quality to internationally known companies.

Food & beverage industry

Roller bearings that are used in the food & beverage industry must withstand especially high demands. They are subjected to both harsh environmental impacts and lengthy cleaning procedures. Our range of products reliably and fully meets the requirements of this industry.

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Textile industry

High speeds with changing dynamic loads, sometimes extreme temperatures, and the use of strong chemicals on rotating components are typical requirements SLF roller bearings must meet in the design, manufacturing, and operation of textile machines.

Electric motors

Our components for electric motors are impressively quiet running, long-lived, and strong. Their low-friction operation optimizes the efficiency of SLF bearings and thus reduces operational and maintenance costs for the end user.

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Machine tools

Our customers in the machine tool industry are faced every day with the need to provide customized solutions. In this endeavor, SLF can offer support through its decades of expertise and provide both highly precise bearings for stress-resistant machine elements and individual spindle units for various manufacturing purposes.

Transmissions and robotics

Top precision, reliable performance over time, and independence from external factors are the requirements for bearings in automation. SLF Fraureuth supplies manufacturers of precision gears worldwide, for use in, for example, medical engineering and aeronautics and space travel, or in industrial robots.

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Pumps and compressors are key products that are deployed in any industry aimed at processing, transportation, and supply of fluids, air, gases, and mixtures. In this context, SLF offers a wide range of bearings for high axial, radial, or combined load cases in various speed ranges.

Industrial applications

Linear and rotary movements occur in almost every industrial application. With the equipment options available in our standardized roller bearing series, SLF provides optimal solutions for almost any type of application.
For the needs of industrial production of spindle systems, SLF stands out as a manufacturer of individualized custom spindle from one-of-a-kind pieces up.

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