Roller bearings made of special materials


Roller bearings made of special materials are primarily used when standard solutions are insufficient. These include, for instance, applications in the food and drink industry, in robotics, in aeronautics and space travel, in medical engineering, and in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Design examples

  • Roller bearings completely made of ceramic or with ceramic parts (see also hybrid bearings)
  • High-temperature bearings
  • Coated roller bearings
  • Roller bearings made of a type of stainless steel


Various properties result from the individual material properties. These include properties like these:

  • Low friction and high-speed capability,
  • Low wear,
  • Low deformation,
  • Resistant to harsh environmental media,
  • Current-insulating,
  • Free of grease/ lubricant,
  • Temperature-resistant
  • Antimagnetic
  • etc.

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