Hybrid bearings


Roller bearings with individual components made of special materials, such as those with rolling elements made of ceramic and raceways made of steel, are called hybrid bearings.
Due to their lower weight, they are well suited to high speeds and have outstanding electric resistance, which is why they are frequently used in electric motors. Hybrid bearings are also used more and more often in rail vehicles, wind turbines, and other applications with specific standards.

SLF manufactures the ceramic rollers for hybrid bearings in-house.


  • Hybrid bearings with ceramic rollers are particularly suitable for uses in which lubrication is poor, such as in the food industry. Ceramic rolling elements are both lighter and harder than steel elements, making them substantially better for emergency running.
  • SLF hybrid spindle bearings are suitable for the highest speeds thanks to their lower density and, consequently far lower centrifugal forces.
  • Hybrid bearings are nonconducting and are thus the best choice for spindle bearings, particularly for applications in electric motors and generators.
  • Ceramic’s higher degree of hardness and less frictional heat provide for longer operating life and reduce hybrid bearing wear.

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