Electric motors

Bearings for low-noise drives

High quality ball bearings for quieter running

Long-lasting quality, efficiency, and the quietest running possible are the criteria for innovative electric motors. These requirements must also be met by SLF roller bearings, which are not only used in marine, test stand, and vibration motors, but also in compressors and generators. They ensure optimum efficiency with less wear.

Motive power engineering in use

SLF can offer suitable bearings for both standard and special motors. To guarantee reliability, which is the most important feature of a motor, we rely on special roller bearings modified for your requirements and design.
Radial deep groove ball bearings are primarily used, which, as single-row, sealed deep groove ball bearings in the wide series (630../622../623…) have a larger grease reservoir to keep more grease in reserve, as well as offer longer grease operational time. Radial deep groove ball bearings can be supplied with S1 dimensional stability (operating temperature up to 200°C) and, if required, with a higher number of running accuracy (e.g. P4).
However, spindle bearings, angular ball bearings, and cylindrical roller bearings in our product portfolio may also be suitable for your application. The bearings can be optimized with individual sealing and lubrication solutions.

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SLF Fraureuth - E Motoren Conten2

Bearing variants for electric motors

To protect against electric shocks, we also have available our current-insulated bearings. We can deliver these bearings in a hybrid design with ceramic rollers or with a ceramic coating on the inner or outer ring. Depending on the design/ production, this coating provides protection up to 1,000 V DC, while protection up to 3,000 V DC is available upon request. If this is insufficient, hybrid bearings may be used. These are also suitable for higher speeds, provide better emergency running properties, and reduce friction as well.