Food and beverage industry

Reliability under extremely demanding conditions

Roller bearings with outstanding durability

Roller bearings used in the food & beverage industry have specific demands placed upon them
They often must withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as water, steam, or chemicals, as well as lengthy cleaning procedures. For these uses, we at SLF in Fraureuth manufacture bearings made of special materials such as highly corrosion-resistant roller bearings made of Cronidur®.

Versatile use in the food & beverage industry

Our bearings are deployed in various ways in the food and beverage industry, such as in filling machines, sealing and bottling machines, packing machines, centrifuges, and conveyor belts. Here, stringent requirements for food safety must be met under high pressure from external factors.
To determine individual needs and design optimal solutions based on them, we work closely with our customers on product design & development. This way we create customized bearing solutions that completely address individual requirements.

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Hygienic cleanliness and continuous productivity

Working with our customers, we decide which materials provide optimal results for bearings, balls or rollers, and cages, as well as the roller bearing lubrication in the intended application. Optimal choices are, for instance, bearings in a hybrid design, with Cronidur® rings and balls made of silicon nitride ceramic. They are characterized by high chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, robustness, and toughness. We also deliver special rollers with tailored-to-application plastic casings for insulation.