Our factory in Fraureuth

Step by step towards perfection

Precision as a benchmark for our manufacturing and production techniques

We produce our sophisticated products at the traditional location in Fraureuth in Saxony. Quality begins with the purchase of the raw materials and semi-finished products that are the basis for our roller bearings’ and spindle units’ highest precision. Audited suppliers fulfill our stringent quality requirements. Perfectly aligned manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art technologies make possible a wide variety of products and flexibility in the implementation of individual customer requests.

In a total area of 60,000 m², we offer the whole value-added chain of roller bearing and spindle manufacturing. This means we can oversee every step of the manufacturing operation – from machining of the parts/ components before hardening to heat treatment to machining of parts/ components after heat treatment and final assembly. In recent years, our comprehensive machinery has been intentionally extended and modernized. To address the ever-increasing requirements of the market, we regularly train our personnel in different manufacturing technologies.

SLF means perfection down to the last detail – MADE IN GERMANY.

Machining before heat treatment: Lathes

Diversified modern machinery guarantees efficient production and enables the manufacturing of complex geometries.
We rise to even very specific challenges for our customers in the production of turned parts. With structured manufacturing methods, we produce not only holes, threads, and lubrication channels, but also complex shape elements – a first step towards roller bearings.

SLF Fraureuth - 01 slf fertigtung dreherei
SLF Fraureuth - 02 slf fertigtung haerterei

Heat treatment: hardening shop

In the hardening shop, we can adjust the optimal material properties for our products. Here, our products get an intensive heat treatment whose goal is to lengthen the life of the roller bearings. Depending on the technique, and whether standard or case hardening methods are applied, our specialists use various hardening technologies. More than 750t steel per year pass through our continuous heat-treating furnace.

Machining after hardening: Grinding shop

Precision comes from machining after hardening. During grinding, our machines provide minimal surface roughness values in various design types and depths. For this purpose, we keep an outstanding assortment of grinding wheels in stock to address various material characteristics. Our extraordinary flexibility enables both one-of-a-kind manufacturing and large series production.

SLF Fraureuth - 03 slf fertigtung schleiferei
SLF Fraureuth - 04 slf fertigtung montage


In the final step, the finished individual components are mounted onto high-quality SLF products and are inspected according to our certified quality management standard. In this process, we rigorously test the completed roller bearings to ensure that meet our stringent requirements. Only after successful functional testing are the products preserved and packed.

Spindle manufacturing

From the very beginning of SLF’s history, our specialists have produced high-precision spindle units in the spindle manufacturing department. We produce spindles from one of a kind to small batches – up to 1,800 mm long and in a diameter range from 32 mm to 525 mm, providing 1 μm running accuracy.

In this field, our strength lies in engineering customized spindle solutions to meet customer-specific requirements. Our portfolio also includes manufacturer-independent service and repair work for spindle units.

SLF Fraureuth - spindelservice 05