Workpiece spindles/
tailstock sleeves


SLF’s workpiece spindles and tailstock sleeves are high-precision positioning systems and can be used in any kind of machine tools for rotary machining (turning, grinding, etc.). These spindles and sleeves are designed to mount/ hold, support, and drive workpieces; the workpiece spindles (also called headstock spindles) are driven, whereas the tailstock sleeves serve to align the workpiece centrally on the opposite side.

Special feature of the eccentric sleeve:
eccentric design, adjustable mounting to align the tip
Synchronous tailstock:
The tailstock sleeve is driven and synchronized with the workpiece spindle to achieve the strictest dimensional and geometrical tolerances on the workpiece.

Drive types:
Workpiece spindles are externally driven and available with an integrated or flanged motor in a roller bearing design.
High quality engineering – made in Germany.

Key features at a glance

Maximal speed: 10.000 rpm
Maximal power: 100 kW
Maximal bushing diameter/ rectangular housing: 600 mm (larger upon request)
Maximal torque: 1.000 Nm
Possible lubricants: grease, air-oil
Tool interface: short taper, Morse taper, metric taper, custom taper
Spindle weight: up to 2t (higher upon request)

Available accessories

Aligning and reference arbors

Pulley puller

Locating centers

Reducing bushes

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