Textile industry

Powerful bearings for textile machinery

Technical expertise for individual solutions

For several decades, the company Spindel- und Lagerungstechnik Fraureuth GmbH has worked with its customers to successfully design hybrid spindle bearings and customized bearing solutions and provide them as individualized, cost-optimal solutions with adapted geometry and lubrication. Among our strengths are technical know-how and many years of dimensioning, design, and manufacturing experience gained in providing our customers with extraordinarily demanding solutions.

Fields of application in the textile industry

Textile machines produce both manmade and natural fibers or are used to subsequently process them to create textile clothing, medical products, carpets, and technical woven fabrics. Whether spinning equipment, texturing machines, looms, or twisting machines – textile equipment exists in many forms. SLF roller bearings ensure a smooth process with long operational life and high load-bearing capacity at continuously high rotary speeds. For textile machines, we primarily deliver hybrid spindle bearings, thin-section bearings and customized bearing solutions.

SLF Fraureuth -
SLF Fraureuth -

Requirements of textile machines

High speeds with changing dynamic loads, sometimes extreme temperatures, and the use of harsh chemicals on rotary components are among the requirements for roller bearings in textile machines. Depending on the use, machines and units are tailored to each application, and can also include many rotary axes with extreme technical requirements that must be achieved cost-effectively.