Grinding spindles


SLF’s grinding spindles are employed in grinding machines and machining centers for external and internal machining of various workpieces made of a wide range of materials (including metals, ceramic, special alloys, glass, etc.). They offer precision machining, quiet running, easy maintenance, long life, and robust design.
SLF’s grinding spindles make it possible to machine precise parts in the µm range at a surface roughness up to Ra 0.1 µm (polish-grinding).

Drive types:
We can deliver our grinding spindles with external drive, such as a precision grinding spindle for high speeds with a belt drive, as well as with an integrated or flanged motor.
High quality engineering – made in Germany.

Product classification

Spindles for internal grinding for grinding of workpiece inner contours

Spindles for centerless grinding

Spindles for external grinding aimed at precise grinding of workpiece outer contours

Spindles for thread grinding designed for precision profiling and shaping in thread machining

Spindles for surface grinding with high axial loading capacity

Spindles for profile and gear grinding

Key features at a glance

Maximal speed:50.000 rpm
Maximal power:100 kW
Maximal bushing diameter/ rectangular housing:600 mm (larger upon request)
Maximal torque:1.000 Nm
Possible lubricants:grease, air-oil
Tool interface:SLF standard, hollow shaft taper, steep taper, custom taper
Spindle weight:up to 2t (higher upon request)

Available accessories

Wheel flanges

Balancing arbors

Grinding arbors

Aligning and reference arbors



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