Drilling and
milling spindles


SLF’s drilling and milling spindles are used in milling machines and machining centers. They are designed for various tool interfaces (including hollow shaft tapers, steep tapers, and collets, as well as short tapers) to mount/ hold the drilling and milling tools. The clamping systems used enable both manual and automated tool change. SLF drilling and milling spindles support different tool cooling options.

Drive types:

SLF drilling and milling spindles can be driven externally, as for high-speed belt-driven precision spindles, and can also be delivered with integrated or flange-mounted motor as well.
High quality engineering – made in Germany.

Key features at a glance

Maximal speed: 50.000 rpm
Maximal power: 60 kW
Maximal bushing diameter/ rectangular housing: 600 mm (larger upon request)
Maximal torque: 600 Nm
Possible lubricants: grease, oil-air
Tool interface: hollow shaft taper, steep taper, collet, Morse taper

Available accessories

Aligning and reference arbors



Reducing bushes

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