Spindle components

All from a single source

Comprehensive services

We complement our wide range of services in design, manufacturing, maintenance, and repair of powerful and robust spindles for diverse applications with a wide range of spindle bearings made in-house.

However, SLF’s spindle bearings are not just for manufacturing SLF spindles.
Many of our customers also use them not only in the production of spindles and machine tools, but also for other applications with demanding mounting requirements due to accuracy and permitted speeds.
SLF not only manufactures components for mounting and bearings, but also fully machines various complex spindle components in-house by turning, milling, grinding, and drilling. For specific production requirements that we cannot fulfill ourselves, we rely on a network of dependable long-term partners and experts.
Furthermore, we install – depending on the individual requirements of our customers – excellent quality mechanical and electronic components that are provided by and/ or purchased from our subcontractors.

Our range of products and services is
enhanced by the following spindle accessories


Aligning and reference arbors


Locating centers

Adapter disks

Grinding arbors

Reducing bushes

Balancing arbors

Abrasive wheel flanges


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